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Of Mice and Men Year Two

June 20, 2008 · No Comments · Musings

Here is a sample transcript of the trial:

Lennie Small Trial – 6/20/08

Nicole, Kara and Emma
Robelmonte is Ryan
Fantasia is Brianna
Lucidor is Dante
Pelagia is Eli
Sakuntala is Kevin

[7:56]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer (Dante): Would the D.A like to call up anymore witnesses?
[7:56]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer(Brianna): I would like to call upon Slim.
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): Slim please come up to the chair.
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): Do you swear to tell the truth…
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): The whole truth…
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): And nothing but the truth…
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): So help you God?
[7:57]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): Yes.
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): Please sit.
[7:57]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer(Dante): Proceed Fantasia.

Fantasia SMSJourneyer(Brianna): Do you believe that Lennie should be placed in jail for rape and murder?
[7:57]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): no i don’t.
[7:58]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): He has some type of mental problem.
[7:58]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): He can’t help it.
[7:58]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer(Brianna): With you moral judgement, knowing Lennie, do you believe he meant to harm anybody at all?
[7:58]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): He just likes to touch “nice things.”
[7:58]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer(Eli): I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone.
[7:58] Sakuntala SMSJourneyer(Kevin: Objection. If he is kept out he will continue his madness.
[7:58]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Do you have any other statements/comments to add about Lennie?
[7:59]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: But not if he has some sort of “watch.”
[7:59]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer: He doesn’t mean to be any trouble and I try to control him.
[7:59]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: He does NOT need to be charged with rape and murder!
[7:59]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Objection overruled.
[7:59]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer: Sometimes it gets a little out of hand.
[8:00]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Let her make her case.
[8:00]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Slim, do you have any additional comments?
[8:00]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer: No, ma’am.
[8:00]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Then you may return to your seat, thank you.
[8:01]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: If that is all slim, you may take your seat.
[8:01]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Yes
[8:01]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: I have no additional witnesses.
[8:01]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: That’s all.
[8:02]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Does the prosecution have any more witnesses to call up?
[8:02]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Maybe Crooks?
[8:02]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: May I call up George?
[8:03]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Yes, you may.
[8:03]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: George, please come up.
[8:03]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?
[8:03]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: I will.
[8:03]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Proceed.
[8:04]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: George, is it true that you agreed to take care of Lennie?
[8:04]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: And to stay by his side?
[8:05]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Well, at first I said I would but I lied… But when he almost drowned in a lake I knew I had to take care of him.
[8:06]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Then, were you with him when the murder happened?
[8:06]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Or near him at anytime?
[8:06]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: No, I was playing horseshoes with the other workers.
[8:07]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: We were having a tournament.
[8:07]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: So that means Lennie was alone in the barn with Curley’s wife?
[8:07]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Yes.
8:07]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: And that is where the body was found.
[8:07]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Correct
[8:08]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Objection! He knew he had to take care of Lennie, but Lennie is not FULLY unaware. He just needs help making decisions and he doesn’t need to be watched at ALL times. He is a grown man!
[8:08]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: he should have been with george the whole time
[8:08]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Order, order!
[8:08]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Not alone.
[8:08]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Let Sakuntala make his case
[8:09]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Thank you.
[8:09]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: And you may add on when it is your turn.
[8:09]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: He said he would help take care of him but that doesn’t mean he needs to be baby sat, how do you learn without trying things by yourself?
8:09]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: She has a point.
[8:09]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Not that he was trying to harm anybody…But he did not unknowingly.
[8:10]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Now with that you may continue.
[8:10]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: But if he is not hung, things like this will keep happening.
[8:10]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: but if he is not hung, things like this will keep happning
[8:10]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Good point.
[8:10]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: And george told Lennie not to even look at her.
[8:11]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: There are many things at this time that can be done without sentencing him to death!
[8:11]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Yes, I did.
[8:11]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: With our advances something can be done!
[8:11]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: This is true.
[8:11]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Being hung is a very cruel thing.
[8:11]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: for two mistakes his life has to end?
[8:11]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer: He could just get help.
[8:11]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Many people have probably said that and look what happened!
[8:11]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: DEATH!
[8:11]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: If Lennie has done this unknowingly, and if very forgetful, these things may happen.
[8:12]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: ORDER, ORDER!
[8:12]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: One more thing.
[8:13]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: At the time when the body was found where was Lennie
[8:13]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: He was no where to been seen.
[8:13]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Well, usually when people are threatening to SHOOT YOU, you run!
[8:13]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Very good point.
[8:13]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: ORDER!
[8:13]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Being hung is obviously not the appropriate thing to do in this case.
[8:14]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: But at the time Lennie did not know people wanted to shoot him.
[8:14]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Then jail for life.
[8:14]  Pelagia SMSJourneyer: Why can’t we at least put him in a “Happy Hut” or get him some help?
[8:15]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: I think he should get some help, not jail.
[8:15]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: He can get some help, but help and hanging are two different things.
[8:15]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Would any of you attorneys like to explain your evidence?
[8:15]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: May I go back to my seat your Honor?
[8:15]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: ?
[8:15]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: excuse me he strangled a human being
[8:15]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Yes. You may
[8:16]  Robelmonte SMSJourneyer: Thank you.
[8:16]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: HE DIDN’T MEAN IT!
[8:16]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: ORDER!
[8:16]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: How do you know?
[8:16]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: For God’s sake he is mentally handicapped, he didn’t know!
[8:16]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: maybe he was mad!
[8:16]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: From getting beat up from Curley.
[8:16]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: When you don’t know the difference between right and wrong you need assistance.
[8:17]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: maybe he wanted revenge.
[8:17]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Will somebody explain the evidence before the jury starts to deliberate.
[8:17]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Thats not the case at all.
8:17]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: He needs someone to help him thats all, he needs help!
[8:17]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: This is all I have to say.
[8:18]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Well I have something to say….
[8:18]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: THE EVIDENCE!
[8:18]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: EXPLAIN THE EVIDENCE!
[8:18]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: the evidence is the body your honor.
[8:18]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Then what is this gun?
[8:19]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Lennie Small is should be innocent, and kept away from jail and being hung. He did not know that he was hurting anybody when he strangled her he did not know. All he needs is some help and assistance he does not need to be hung as a punishment. He needs help.
[8:19]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Final statements?
[8:20]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Prosecutors?
[8:20]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: okay, will the jurors please deliberate.
[8:20]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Please, your Honor, listen when I tell you he should not be hung or placed in jail he didn’t mean to harm anybody he really didn’t.
[8:20]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Ladies and gentlemen.
[8:20]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: I have heard many things today…
[8:21]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: If Lennie is not hung he should be put in a jail not a “happy house.”
[8:21]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Okay.
[8:21]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: That is enough.
[8:21]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Jurors…
[8:21]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Deliberate.
[8:21]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Thank you your Honor.
[8:21]  Helina SMSJourneyer: I believe Lennie is guilty but does not deserve jail time and should be put into a mental home.
8:23]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: But because of his mental state, he should have a different punishment.
[8:23]  Helina SMSJourneyer: As stated in the case, Goerge shouldn’t have to watch Lennie all the time but Lennie doesn’t know right from wrong without him. So letting him stay on the streets isn’t fair to the human society and this will prevent this from ever happening again.
[8:24]  Helina SMSJourneyer: He should have a punishment but not a cruel one.
[8:24]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Then, put him in a jail with a therapist.
[8:24]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: Lennie is definately guilty, but he should not serve he same punishment as someone without a mental illness.
[8:25]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: he should be put in a mental home because it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know what he was doing.
[8:25]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Has the jury reached a unanimous verdict?
[8:25]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: If he’s put in a mental home, it will prevent him from hurting anyone else.
[8:25]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Do you know that for sure?
[8:25]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: same with a jail!
[8:25]  Helina SMSJourneyer: He should stay in a mental home until he is able to know right from wrong and to not depend on George all the time.
8:26]  Fantasia SMSJourneyer: Yes I agree, being mentally handicapped does NOT excuse the fact that he killed someone…but death? No, he needs help.
[8:26]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: You are not allowed to persuade the jurors.
[8:26]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: I will hold you in contempt.
[8:26]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: EITHER ONE OF YOU!

[8:26]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Have you reached a verdict?
[8:26]  Helina SMSJourneyer: Yes, we have your honor.
[8:26]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: What is the verdict?
[8:26]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: I think he’s guilty.
[8:27]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Is that true?
[8:27]  Sakuntala SMSJourneyer: Just put him away.
[8:27]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: What is the punishment?
[8:28]  Gaussia SMSJourneyer: the punishment is that he’ll have to stay in a mental institution for the rest of his life.
[8:28]  Lucidor SMSJourneyer: Okay.

Court was adjourned.

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